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Ekklesia International Ministries is a gathering of people in honor of God and believers who make up the body of Christ.  The word “Ekklesia” is a Greek word that when translated means the “called out ones.”   Ecclesia (or Ekklesia) in Christian theology denotes both a particular body of faithful people, and the whole body of the faithful. Latin ecclesia, from Greek Ekklesia had an original meaning of "assembly, congregation, council", literally "convocation."

We are called out of, called together, invited and summoned to partake of the blessings of redemption. Founded on I Timothy 4:13, “Until I come, give attendance to reading, exhortation, to doctrine…,” Ekklesia International Ministries strives to read the Word, explain the Word and teach the Word in an unadulterated platform to equip the saints and edify the body of Christ.